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Honeydew is a sativa strain with a flavor profile that is true to its name. Its complex terpene profile offers notes of delicious, sweet melon and fruity berry. Its aroma is like a wooden bowl of freshly cut melon, berries and fruits with a touch of hazy earthiness. Honeydew keeps you motivated, making it an ideal strain for an afternoon adventure or creative escapes, and you’ll experience happy, creative, euphoric, relaxing and uplifting effects.

Honeydew Effects

It has motivating, uplifting effects to help brighten your day and get you moving. It is great for an afternoon adventure or creative escape


It has a sweet melon and fruity berries flavor. The taste of Honeydew certainly stays true to its namesake.

Jeeter Infused Pre Rolls

Our infused pre-rolls get their flavor from a mix of cannabis-derived and botanical terpenes. Within our flower and kief are cannabis-derived terpene profiles, unique to each strain, that determine not only the strain’s flavor, but its effects as well.



2 reviews for Honeydew

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    This company is professional and efficient. Always have delivery within a few days but Royal Mail delivers so depends on them. I have been purchasing from them for a few years and am very happy with them.

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    Brilliant service! Thanks to all at Jeeter Juice direct.

    Thanks so much,

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