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Jeeter Juice strawana is an indica strain that tastes just as delicious as its name suggests. It has a flavor profile of sweet strawberry, bubblegum and banana and a similar aroma with a citrusy earthy scent as well. Strawnana offers a happy and relaxing high that fills your mind with giddy creativity and motivation.

Jeeter Juice Strawana Effects

The Strawnana strain has happy, creative, motivating and relaxing effects. Get giddy and crafty with Strawnana and whip up a new masterpiece.


Strawnana has a flavor profile that rings true to its name. This strain has a sweet strawberry bubble gum and banana flavor, making it a delicious option for anyone looking for a fruity kick in their day.


2 reviews for Jeeter Juice strawana

  1. enjoy

    Think everyone should know about this, this is one of the best products I’ve had in a long time it’s just beyond my expectation.

  2. enjoy

    just love the flavor, taste and customer support is the best and their delivery is fast

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